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Arizona Early Termination Of Probation

Are you ready for probation to be over?

We know from personal experience how frustrating waiting can be and how it can affect your ability to obtain quality employment and housing.  RMCR can assist you in obtaining the services of a Arizona State Bar Criminal Attorney for early termination of probation, setting aside your felony conviction & restoring your civil rights, including the right to possess a gun or firearm!

These days it seems pretty much anybody can run a background check on you on the web for just a couple bucks. However, if you are concerned about this, Arizona law does provide some relief that can ease your fears. This includes both terminating your probation and setting aside your conviction. If you are eligible, we can help you obtain the services of a Arizona State Bar Criminal Attorney to terminate your Arizona probation and have your criminal record “cleared.”

Do you qualify for Early Termination of Probation?

You have undoubtedly been told by your probation officer that you can get off probation at “half-time” if you do everything you are supposed to do while on probation.  Clearly, you have to perform as expected if you wish to get off of probation early.  “Half-time” is not based on law, however.  It is an Adult Probation Office policy.  Arizona Revised Statute 13-901(e) allows the court to terminate probation early if the judge finds that “justice will be served by doing so and if the conduct of the defendant warrants it.” This law does allow for the prosecuting attorney, and possibly, the victim, to object to the probation being terminated. Even if there are objections, they can be overcome.  Once your probation is terminated, you can file to have your conviction set aside and dismissed, as long as you have paid off all of your financial obligations to the court and probation office.

How To Get Started

RMCR has successfully assisted clients in every county in the State of Arizona to obtain legal representation from an Arizona State Bar Criminal Attorney to terminate probation before “half-time.” If you are ready to move forward with terminating your probation or if you have any questions about this process, contact us below for a free, confidential review of your situation. We are ready to assist you in this new chapter of your life and would be happy to tell you how we have done the very same thing in our lives!