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Sondra Monroe
June 21, 2024

Michael & his team did a great job helping my husband get all of his rights back. He had 3 felonies from 24 years ago. We would definitely recommend these guys!

Michael & my attorney very professional and knowledgeable thank you for your services

Cody Edwards
May 30, 2024

Leah, Jason, Michael and Andrew helped me, and I absolutely can not be happier with their service and the results! Leah and Jason kept me informed and walked me through the whole process from start to finish, and obtained the best results possible! As usual with courts, the process took awhile, about 5 - 1/2 months, but my freedom was well worth the wait! These three work fast and get your case out as quickly, yet ACCURATELY, as they can. The wait time is entirely on the court, and nothing to do with their service. If you are looking for services like theirs, rest assured you are in the best hands with these three! Simple, painless and worth it! THANK YOU Leah, Jason, and Andrew!

The whole team was very friendly and helpful and they got the job done! I definitely recommend 5 star!

D Mau
May 3, 2024

They are amazing! Took care of a stupid mistake I made 29 years ago. Don't hesitate to contact them for legal help on restoring your civil rights.

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