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Restore my Civil Rights

Jason Clark | Legal Administrator

Jason is a California native and moved to Arizona in 1993. Growing up, Jason found himself in trouble with the law on several occasions which resulted in four felony convictions and served a combined total of six years in the Arizona Department of Corrections as well as one year on parole.

Nine years after his last incarceration, Jason retained Restore My Civil Rights in 2021 to assist him with the restoration of his civil and gun rights. After receiving the news that his motions were granted in October 2021, Jason knew he wanted to be a part of our work to help others who have walked his same path to regain their rights.

In 2021, Jason was also able to obtain his Conceal Carry Weapons Permit and received his Level One Fingerprint Clearance Card. Jason came on board with Restore My Civil Rights in May 2022 and shortly thereafter became a Notary of the State of Arizona. In 2023 his petition to seal his criminal case records was filed and granted.

Jason is currently studying for his Paralegal Certification and is passionate to learn all that he can in the legal industry. In his spare time, Jason enjoys going to the shooting range, riding his Harley and spending time with his family.

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