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Restore my Civil Rights

Restoration of Gun Rights

Having been convicted of felonies himself, our founder, Michael Harris, knows firsthand the importance of restoring gun rights.  After being a prohibited possessor for 30 years, Michael was able to regain his gun rights and obtain his CCW permit from the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS).  This enables him to skip Federal background checks for purchases and to conceal carry in 37 states.

As a client of Restore My Civil Rights, our office will assist you in having your gun rights restored and also in obtaining your CCW permit.  After the granting of your Motion to Restore the Right to Possess a Gun or Firearm, Restore My Civil Rights will guide you through ensuring that all of your criminal records are properly updated with DPS, FBI and ATF.  This ensures that you will be granted your CCW permit.  Arizona is a “shall issue” state, which means that once we are able to ensure that all records are properly updated by all 3 agencies, DPS will issue your CCW permit upon proper application.

If you were convicted of a Serious offense under ARS § 13-604, there is a 10-year waiting period for this relief.  Unfortunately, if your conviction was for a Dangerous offense, your gun rights cannot be restored.

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