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Why Choose RMCR?

Our founder, Michael Harris, has worked for three prominent criminal defense law firms since 2005. He had his own Arizona felonies set aside, records sealed and has received his Level One Finger Print Clearance Card and CCW from DPS.  Michael is also a Notary for the State of Arizona and is currently working to receive his degree in Criminal Justice and his Arizona State Bar Number as a Licensed Paraprofessional.

Restore My Civil Rights is personally vested in your success because we’ve been there and will aggressively assist you in obtaining the right legal representation to have your criminal history set aside too.

Through our lived experience with the legal system, we know what it takes to put your criminal history in your past, once and for all. Join the thousands, just like you, who have had their felony, misdemeanor and DUI convictions set aside by the very court in which they were convicted.


What Our Clients Say About Us

July 21, 2024

Review for Restore My Civil Rights I recently had the pleasure of working with Restore My Civil Rights, a dedicated office based in Phoenix, AZ., specializing in restoring the civil and gun rights of convicted felons. From the initial consultation to the final resolution, my experience with this entire office was exceptional. The team at Restore My Civil Rights is both knowledgeable and compassionate. They understand the unique challenges faced by individuals seeking to regain their rights and proper place in society by offering personalized, empathetic service. Their expertise in this niche area of law is evident in their thorough approach and successful outcomes they achieve. Throughout the process, I was consistently impressed by their professionalism and dedication. They kept me informed at every step, ensuring I understood my options and the potential outcomes, especially with the MOUNTAIN they had to overcome in getting all 6 of my cases done. Their clear communication and willingness to answer all my questions provided much-needed reassurance during a challenging time. What sets Restore My Civil Rights apart is their genuine commitment to their clients. They go above and beyond to advocate for those looking to rebuild their lives and regain their rights. Their efforts have a profound impact, offering hope and a second chance to many who are seeking to regain their place in society. If you are a convicted felon seeking to restore your rights, I highly recommend Restore My Civil Rights. Their expertise, compassion, and dedication make them a standout choice in this field. Thank you to the entire team for their outstanding service and support. Respectfully, Richard.

Murphy Toadster
July 16, 2024

They're doing Gods work. I myself never been a felon, I have always been deeply disturbed and angered about the constitutional atrocity that we have in the modern era with making us so easily able to lose our rights easier and easier each year that goes by. I came very close to losing them for simply refusing to wear a mask in a place where everyone else wasn't wearing a mask either "just to walk through the door" shortly after got beat up by multiple men telling me to wear it, received skull fractures broken teeth, hematomas, brain bleed, concussion etc and afterwards ran over by their vehicle when they fled the scene. But the intelligent Glendale police decided to charge me with disorderly conduct which with that punishment required the removal of my firearms rights. I had to take a different coarse and representation for different unrelated reasons, but I'm just really happy that this group is doing good work and getting people their God given rights back. I know someone that's about to use your service and I'm very excited him. Plus lost rights aren't just a punishment for the convicted it's also a huge burden for the family or people around them. These guys are making life better for everyone. Stay Free! Keep winning!

Gary Charles
July 2, 2024

I Can't say enough about how easy the process was for me. Hired Restore my civil Gun rights. Michael, Leah, Andrew and Cameron did all the work. Micheal and Leah always kept me updated as to where we were in the process. I can't Thank the Team enough to have that monkey off my back and the sence of relief I now have. I highly recommend them to represent anyone in need of there services. Once again a Big Thank You to Team Restore my civil Gun Rights!!

Sondra Monroe
June 21, 2024

Michael & his team did a great job helping my husband get all of his rights back. He had 3 felonies from 24 years ago. We would definitely recommend these guys!

Angel Martinez
June 6, 2024

Michael & my attorney very professional and knowledgeable thank you for your services

Cody Edwards
May 30, 2024

Leah, Jason, Michael and Andrew helped me, and I absolutely can not be happier with their service and the results! Leah and Jason kept me informed and walked me through the whole process from start to finish, and obtained the best results possible! As usual with courts, the process took awhile, about 5 - 1/2 months, but my freedom was well worth the wait! These three work fast and get your case out as quickly, yet ACCURATELY, as they can. The wait time is entirely on the court, and nothing to do with their service. If you are looking for services like theirs, rest assured you are in the best hands with these three! Simple, painless and worth it! THANK YOU Leah, Jason, and Andrew!

michael wartenberg
May 23, 2024

The whole team was very friendly and helpful and they got the job done! I definitely recommend 5 star!

D Mau
May 3, 2024

They are amazing! Took care of a stupid mistake I made 29 years ago. Don't hesitate to contact them for legal help on restoring your civil rights.

Jonathan Sevilla-Hernandez
February 12, 2024

Very professional!

K White
October 12, 2023

Sincerely some of the best people I’ve ever met. I am so grateful to them for their kindness, support and service. If you’re thinking about restoring your civil rights I strongly recommend them. You won’t regret it.

Logan Shepard
September 28, 2023

working with micheal and my attorney andrew was a phenomenal experience, they strive to help people get to a better place and it’s felt. they worked super hard to get my case resolved and i couldn’t have achieved this without their assistance.

Jennifer Sikorski
August 8, 2023

Great experience. I kept putting off taking action on rights restoration because it all seemed so overwhelming- I wish I had known about this resource sooner. The RMCR team and my attorney, Andrew, were terrific. The fee was reasonable- they carefully explained what I needed to do, what to expect during the process, and what to do after the court's decision. Couldn't be happier with them or my outcome. If you're still just thinking about taking this step for yourself- don't wait another minute- give them a call and get the process started today.

Justin Wakeham
July 25, 2023

Great organization. They really care! They walk you through the entire process and they offer a good price. One of the best things I ever did was call them.

Ariel Summers
July 14, 2023

I have the utmost respect for the work Michael and Leah do. It has been a pleasure to work with them, alongside attorney Andrew Long. I finally feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I'd like to thank them personally and professionally for every phone call, email, update, and encouraging conversation throughout the process. I have felt both embarrassment and guilt for poor behavior years ago, and I no longer have to allow the past to control my life. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

Lindsey Wise
May 18, 2023

Michael & his team went above and beyond for my husband. They kept us updated on each part of the process and we couldn’t be more thankful for them!

Raymond Rodriguez
April 6, 2023

Working with Michael and my attorney, Andrew, was an absolute pleasure. Restore My Civil Rights worked hard on my cases and were able to recover all of my civil rights... INCLUDING my gun rights. It has been an absolute dream come true to have the mistakes of my past no longer hovering over me like a dark cloud. I can finally live my life as a responsible, law-abiding citizen with ALL of the rights and privileges that come with it. It feels great to know that I will be able to vote and carry a firearm... with the knowledge that I can legally protect myself and my family. Thank you, Restore My Civil Rights, for helping me restore my life! It’s been a long time coming... but it’s finally here!! 😊

lawrence martin
March 31, 2023

Words could not express what these guys have done for me. It’s been probably almost a year, I’ve had my rights back now. Voted bought many different firearms since then, the feeling of getting rid of my past no longer haunts me.Thanks Everyone that helped in this process so I’ll post some 2A accomplishments.

Julie B
March 31, 2023

Mike is amazing if I could give him more stars I would. Andrew was my attorney. What a great team! I tried to do this stuff myself got denied. It was very frustrating. Mike explained the whole process so I could understand it. And I am FREE!! Thank you Mike! Highly recommended!!! Very affordable pricing. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!

Randy lucero
February 4, 2023

I had a great experience working with Michael Harris for the restoration of my civil rights and gun rights. The process was smooth and effortless thanks to Michael's expertise and dedication. He made me feel confident and at ease throughout the entire process. If you are seeking an someone who is knowledgeable, professional, and truly dedicated to helping you regain your rights, look no further than Michael Harris. I highly recommend him for anyone in need of civil rights or gun rights restoration. You won't regret choosing him!

Robert Hileman
January 23, 2023

I want to give a big Shout out to Mike Harris I've been a fellon most of my life And I honestly thought I would never get it taken care of I thought I would always have the Capital F on my chest For the rest of my Life Then I met Mike He helped me and then showed me that it could be taken care of Thanks again Mike for everything...

Geoffrey Stephens
January 23, 2023

Michael went the extra steps to make sure everything was done properly. He is very professional and gets the job done. It is worth having your rights restored and if you've been thinking about doing it, I highly recommend it. It gives you peace of mind and great accomplishment. Your rights are important. Get them back.

abraham santos
January 6, 2023

First and foremost I want to thank Michael Harris and everyone of you at RMCR. I am very grateful for the help in getting my life back on track. Thank you. 👍

Kenny Martin
November 4, 2022

Michael Harris and his crew at Restore My Civil Rights have hands down the best decision I have ever made by hiring them to restore my rights! Michael explained everything to me in detail, made sure every I was dotted and T was crossed! I had 5 felonies and he didn’t even bat at an eye when it came to my cases! He fought super hard and even when the district attorney declined my appeal Michael went back to work with appeals for the judge and we won! As of today I have all of my rights restored including my right to posses and buy firearms! If your looking or thinking about hiring anyone for this job stop you have found the best crew in Az hire then you will not be disappointed 1 bit! I have waited almost 20 years to be able to have my rights back I lost them at 18 and will be 35 shortly! Time is never to late with this crew their rockstars! Thank you Restore My Civil Rights you have changed my life for the better this was the last thing I needed to do to put my past behind me and you guys crushed it!

Donovan Berg
November 3, 2022

Michael was very helpfull throughout the entire process of getting my rights restored. I would highly recomend his services to anyone looking to start the process of getting their rights restored.

Good guys Win
October 22, 2022

They going to help me get my rights back

James M
April 12, 2022

I had made more than a few mistakes when I was younger ( 3 felony cases over a few years ). I had always told myself one day I would hire someone to help get my rights back. It took me 10 years of waiting to finally make the call. I should have made it years ago. From the moment I met Michael Harris I could see the passion he had for his work and helping people. I now have had all of my rights restored and cases set aside thanks to Michael! Stop waiting!

January 18, 2022

I have had the honor in working with Michael Harris for a little over a year as of right now. Mr. Harris has been one of the most honest, consistent, honorable people I have had the privilege of meeting in my entire life. Michael guided me on the preparation and filing of my motions with Maricopa County Superior Court to restore my civil rights, and gun rights. We put through the paperwork in the month of June, and received a response with all of my civil rights & gun rights restored!!! I am so grateful that I have met this amazing man, and would recommend anyone to get their rights restored through his business/company. Michael Harris is truly a beacon of light shinning in the dark, I thank him 1000 times over for his due diligence and hard work on my cases, and to give me a 2nd chance at life with all of my rights restored as an American Citizen. I feel FREE, and like a new man today!!! Bryce C.

Darren Jonovich
September 3, 2021

Michael was great! This company is reliable!

Robert Heydt
September 1, 2021

Michael is a stand up dude! He helped me get all my rights restored. I highly recommend him.

Chandra Cushman
August 28, 2021

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Mike to get my husband's rights restored. Mike was professional, friendly and always kept us in the loop. Mike provided updates on what to expect and what was happening with the case. Thank you Mike for your help!

Danyel Shriver
August 5, 2021

We were about to give up the dream that my husband could ever get his civil and gun rights back until we thankfully found Micheal. After two unfruitful stressful attempts prior, Michael was our last hope. With five felony convictions we didn’t realize we had a chance. Michael, however, had faith and proved we had a chance! He is honest and direct. He fights for you as if you are family. He never quits once he takes your case and the night he called us to tell us my husband’s rights were restored was priceless to us. We highly recommend him! He not only restored my husband’s rights but also our pride in proving we can overcome our past to live a better future. Every case is unique of course but we are truly and sincerely thankful for our experience.

Josh Walls
August 5, 2021

I was amazed by how quickly and efficiently my case was handled. I got my life back it. I would recommend anyone seeking their civil rights returned to contact them.

Mark Babington
August 5, 2021

Michael knows the intricacies of filing the proper paperwork how to restore your civil rights. I highly recommend him.


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